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Craig Warme


Meet Craig Warme

Craig Warme, a skilled and passionate Electrical Journeyman living in Southern New Hampshire, loves his profession. Craig possesses diverse abilities, including a strong command of the NEC Code, expertise in field installation, proficiency in Branch Circuit Wiring, and the ability to interpret blueprints. Beyond his professional endeavors, Craig is an enthusiastic sports fan who cherishes engaging in physical activities, particularly those that allow him to enjoy the outdoors.

Craig Warme is committed to maintaining high standards in his professional endeavors. He places great importance on contributing value to every design, whether it involves a new construction project or a remodel. One aspect often neglected in interior design projects is lighting, which frequently leads to underwhelming outcomes. As an Electrical Journeyman, Craig takes it upon himself to prevent such oversights. He accomplishes this by staying well-informed about current trends, mastering various trade techniques, and consistently delivering outcomes of exceptional quality. Craig has garnered a reputation for his prompt response times, prioritization of safety, and unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

About Craig Warme

Craig Warme is genuinely passionate about diagnosing and resolving any issues his clients may encounter. Additionally, Craig finds fulfillment in working across residential and commercial settings, as each presents unique challenges and opportunities for creative solutions. Craig has developed a strong sense of pride in this aspect of his work.

Before pursuing his electrician aspirations, Craig Warme undertook the necessary educational steps. His educational journey began at the Cheshire Career Center (CCC), a renowned specialized high school. Subsequently, Craig dedicated himself to acquiring knowledge in his chosen field. This involved studying at NECC (New England Career Center) and attaining Journeyman Certification in 2021.

In 2017, Craig Warme embarked on his professional path by joining D.R. Electric as an Electrical Apprentice. He remained with the company for two years, working closely under the guidance of a journeyman electrician. Craig diligently followed instructions and actively participated in a range of tasks. These included employing testing devices, blueprints, and maps to assess electrical situations. Additionally, he gained hands-on experience installing and maintaining diverse electrical wiring systems and equipment.

After completing his apprenticeship, Craig Warme advanced to the position of Electrical Journeyman in October 2019. He joined A.B. Precision Electric, assuming new responsibilities within the company. His primary tasks revolved around testing electrical systems, particularly when potential issues arose. Craig diligently assessed the safety and compatibility of these systems, meticulously documenting his actions, test results, and observations as part of his role. Furthermore, he prioritized maintaining a safe work environment by strictly adhering to all company guidelines and meeting the safety requirements outlined by OSHA.

It cannot be overstated how much Craig Warme loves the great outdoors. During summer, he is often immersed in outdoor activities such as boating and fishing. Similarly, in the winter, Craig’s passion lies in venturing through unexplored mountain trails, particularly relishing the opportunity to share these experiences with friends. Building new friendships holds a special place in Craig’s heart, recognizing them as a means to broaden horizons and enrich life in countless ways.

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